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CALA NCA Annual Program: Building New Opportunities and Library Connections

Chinese American Librarians Association, Northern California Chapter 2019 Annual Program: Building New Opportunities and Library Connections was held at Richmond/Senator Milton Marks Branch Library on Saturday, May 4.

This symposium featured library professionals and educators to present the latest trends and discussions relating to library services for all types of libraries to consider and opened to all interested in making new connections and opportunities for professional growth.

Special thanks to Terry Carlson helps to host the program at Richmond/Senator Milton Marks Branch, and Ran Pun organizes and invites speakers and virtual welcome remarks from ALA President Loida Garcia-Febo and CALA President Ying Zhang. Continue reading

CALA member poster presentation at CARL conference 2014 in San Jose

CALA current member Emily Chan, Yiping Wang, and co-author Adriana Poo from San Jose State University have presented a poster at CARL Conference 2014 which was held in Dolce Hayes Mansion San Jose from 4/4 – 4/6.

The poster: Successfully Transferring Academic Liaison Departments: Promoting Subject Area Flexibility and Cross Training

The poster emphasizes on staffing changes within academic libraries that employ the liaison librarian model, while potentially disruptive and unsettling, provide leadership opportunities to the organization. The liaison librarian model is predicated upon strong subject and background expertise and the cultivation of positive relationships with departments and faculty. Given successful liaison librarian-teaching faculty relationships, shifting from one librarian to another can be a daunting experience for everyone involved. This poster will investigate this issue, particularly expectations from both parties, correlating current professional skill sets and needs assessments, and developing and establishing new models for library support and cross training.

A Fun-Get-Together Brunch/Lunch was organized for both CALA NCA and SCA members on Sunday early afternoon.

three authors and the poster photoAuthors: Yiping Wang, Emily Chan, and Adriana Poo (from left to right)

CALA-NCA Workshop at California Library Association Annual Conference, November 2010

CALA NCA 2010 Workshop Flyer

The Northern California Chapter of CALA organized and presented a one-hour program at the California Library Association (CLA)’s 2010 Annual

Conference, which was hold on November 13 (3:00-4:00pm), at the Sacramento Convention Center.  More than 20 California librarians (mostly CALA members) attended the program.

The theme of the program is about strategic methods or thinking for “cooperation, collaboration, and resource sharing” in a very challenging time for libraries. Three selected speakers presented at the colloquium.

Speaker Shi Deng

Shi Deng, Head of CJK Cataloging and Metadata Service, talked about how internal and external library cooperation and collaboration strengthened overall library service and managementefficiency in terms of staff, time and cost.

Speaker Crystal Goldman
Crystal Goldman, the Reference Librarian of San Jose State University, delivered hertalk on “Disseminating the Past, Opening the Future: the Path to an Open Access
Digital Repository”.  She introduced the efficient cooperation between faculty and librarians that lead to successful path to build up open access digital depository.
Speaker Richard Le
Richard Le, a Public Service and Instruction Librarian from San Francisco Public Library, stated the importance of “Community Partnerships in Program Development for Public Libraries during Difficulty Economic Times”.
Jianye He
President Jianye He facilitated further discussions after the presentations, which allowed participants the opportunitiy to ask directed questions.
(From Left to Right: Doris Tseng, Yiping Wang, Jianye He, Richard Le, Shi Deng, Crystal Goldman, Janet Lin, Bin Zhang, Xiaoli Li, Amy Ku)

After the program, CALA members gathered for a small group fellowship dinner with the speakers and local chapter’s officers, including the Vice President/President Elect Xiaoli Li (Cataloging and Metadata Services Librarian at UC Davis), Treasurer Janet Lin (Library Media Technicians at West Valley College),  two Program Coordinators, Amy Kuo (Asian Language Selector and Reference Librarian at Berkeley Public Library) and Yiping Wang (Reference Librarian Assistant at San Jose Public Library) and Membership officer and Webmaster, Bin Zhang (Digital Information Service Librarian of California State University, Sacramento).

Program Coordinator of CALA-NCA

Yiping Wang

CALA-NCA Workshops at 110th CLA Annual Conference, November 16, 2008, San Jose

CALA-NCA, in collaboration with California Libraries Association, kicked-off the program, “Creating Community Partners”, and the traditional CALA Banquet at the 110th Annual Conference of the California Libraries Association. On Sunday afternoon, November 16, at Room C3-4, San Jose Convention Center, four distinguished librarians gathered together to share how libraries could and do contribute to community sustainability in various perspectives. Also, how could libraries create partnerships with local entrepreneurs and promote fruitful collaborations between community-based libraries and the local agencies. Yi Liang from City College of San Francisco led the program participants through a series of engaging presentations from different library perspectives.            Ms. Yi Liang
                                                Mr. Bo Simon Participants first heard from Bo Simon, the Manager of the Wine Library of Sonoma County Library. Bo covered the establishment of the Wine Library and strategies on how the wineries to make the wine library a reality. He also rediscovered the special meaning of the Wine Library for other libraries.
The panel was followed by the discussion of the Evergreen program, which was supported by the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, “Access to Learning Award” Recipient. The program helped to modernize school libraries in the western region of China. Dr. Geoffrey Z. Liu, who is currently an associate professor in the School of Library and Information Science, San Jose State University, the Chair of the Library Program Committee, described how local school libraries participating in the Evergreen Project are open to local communities which providing support for teaching and learning. Also, the presentation showcases the foundation’s innovative approaches to community outreaching and outlines issues in serving local town residents and farmers in remote villages.            Dr. Geoffrey Z. Liu
                                                  Ms. Kate Connell The next speaker, Kate Connell, is a librarian and the curator of library exhibitions at City College of San Francisco. As a librarian and artist, she used the visual arts to make libraries more accessible to communities they served. She described the libraries collaborative exhibitions across classifications, collections and academic departments with students, local scholars, teachers, artists and organizations.
Nancy Fong, Library Services Manger for San Leandro Public Library in Northern California, discussed her extensive, first-hand experience collaborating with two districts of the public sector, San Leandro Public Library Foundation and Kaiser Permanente. The partnership with the local community helped to expand library services.                    Ms. Nancy Fong
This panel discussion was followed by a lively question and answer session, which allowed participants the opportunity to ask directed questions about the creation of community partnership and the collaboration between libraries and local communities.In summary, this program discussed strategies for successfully creating partnerships with local entrepreneurs and community. Creation and promotion of fruitful collaborations cross cultural partnership was reviewed. Exhibitions and programs were aimed to offer exhibitions which have an intimate connection with the members of community.

CALA-NCA Workshop at the 108th CLA Conference at Sacramento, November, 2006

CALA NCA 2006 Workshop Flyer

The 108th California Library Association Conference was held in Sacramento November 10 – 13 2006. CALA Northern California Chapter sponsored and moderated the workshop of “Working Together to Get Our Voice Heard”. As the chair of the program, Fang Gu invited the following people as our panel speakers:

Donna Bero, Executive Director, Friends of the San Francisco Public Library
Theresa Salazar, Curator, The Bancroft Library, University of California at Berkeley
Donna Corbeil, Deputy Director, Solano County Library
Jianjun Chen, President of 2006, Chinese New Year Culture Association (CNYCA), Sacramento
Haleh Motiey, Director, Sutro Library, San Francisco

On November 12 in Room 301, Sacramento Convention Center, the five distinguished panelists shared their experiences and information with the audience. The California State Librarian, Susan Hildreth attended the workshop and asked questions.

(From left to right) Haleh Motiey, Jianjun Chen, Donna Corbeil, Theresa Salazar, Donna Bero, Fang Gu.

Feedback on the program and event:

Susan Negreen, CAE, Executive Director, California Library Association:

“The thanks need to come from me to you and CALA .  The banquet was wonderful—those young girls playing their instruments will stick in my memory for years to come—they were just great.  And, your hospitality was deeply appreciated.  (Of course, the food was wonderful, too.) Thank you for including me in your event!”

Margaret Miles , CLA 2006 President:

“I want to thank you very much for inviting me!  I very much enjoyed the entertainment, the food and the conversation.  I wish you good luck in planning next year’s events, and I look forward to seeing you in Long Beach next October.”

Diana Wu, CALA Immediate Past President:

“I just wanted to let you know how grateful I was to participate in such a wonderful panel presentation you put together. The fact that the California state librarian was in the audience and asked question seemed to be very encouraging. Also the CALA banquet was another big hit. People told me that they go to CLA because of our banquet. Thanks for all the hard works.”

Nancy Fong, MC for CALA Chinese Banquet:

“It was so nice to see everybody at the program and banquet on Sunday.  I was very glad to help as mc.  I thought the program and banquet was very nicely done and you can see the fruits of all your hard work.  Congratulations….it was the excellent prep job done by you and your committee of workers that made the events run smoothly and so very enjoyable.  Having 100 people willing and wanting to come to the banquet is an accomplishment in itself considering the competition of the state library’s reception an hour before.  CALA has built a fine reputation for a great programs, wonderful banquets and always very generous raffle prizes.  It was also nice to see the amount of support generated from CLA officials and Susan Hildreth.  Thank the performers too.  I thought they were outstanding.   It’s always appreciated and I do believe people value multi-ethnic, multi-cultural programs.   I am very busy at my library right now, but in the near future, if you ever want to do any programming in the East Bay area, I would be very pleased to host the event at San Leandro Library.”

Theresa Salazar, Curator, the Bancroft Library, University of California at Berkeley:

“I want to thank you for inviting me to be a part of the panel. I very much enjoyed the other presentations, and it was great to meet you and all the other panel members, as well as members of the audience. You did an excellent job organizing the panel.”

Susana Liu, CALA-NC Committee Member:

“I am so happy to know that the good hard work of CALA members continue on, we have established such a good reputation although I feel so sorry that  I couldn’t attend the program and banquet myself, however still want to congratulate each and everyone of you for your effort and dediation to CALA like a big family.”