About Membership

CALA has eight categories of membership. The membership dues are given below:

  1. Regular Membership $30.00
  2. Student Membership $15.00
  3. Non-salaried Membership $15.00
  4. Overseas Membership $15.00
  5. Life Membership $300.00
  6. Honorary Membership Free
  7. Institutional Membership $100.00
  8. Affiliated Membership $100.00

Members in good standing shall have the right to affiliate with one chapter, to vote, to be elected or appointed to any office of the Association or chapters, to have free access to online publications of the Association, etc.

Annual membership dues cover 12 months starting with the month of a member’s application.

Details on CALA Membership and the Bylaws

Please fill out the Application/Renewal Form to join or renew.