CALA-NCA Workshops at 110th CLA Annual Conference, November 16, 2008, San Jose

CALA-NCA, in collaboration with California Libraries Association, kicked-off the program, “Creating Community Partners”, and the traditional CALA Banquet at the 110th Annual Conference of the California Libraries Association. On Sunday afternoon, November 16, at Room C3-4, San Jose Convention Center, four distinguished librarians gathered together to share how libraries could and do contribute to community sustainability in various perspectives. Also, how could libraries create partnerships with local entrepreneurs and promote fruitful collaborations between community-based libraries and the local agencies. Yi Liang from City College of San Francisco led the program participants through a series of engaging presentations from different library perspectives.            Ms. Yi Liang
                                                Mr. Bo Simon Participants first heard from Bo Simon, the Manager of the Wine Library of Sonoma County Library. Bo covered the establishment of the Wine Library and strategies on how the wineries to make the wine library a reality. He also rediscovered the special meaning of the Wine Library for other libraries.
The panel was followed by the discussion of the Evergreen program, which was supported by the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, “Access to Learning Award” Recipient. The program helped to modernize school libraries in the western region of China. Dr. Geoffrey Z. Liu, who is currently an associate professor in the School of Library and Information Science, San Jose State University, the Chair of the Library Program Committee, described how local school libraries participating in the Evergreen Project are open to local communities which providing support for teaching and learning. Also, the presentation showcases the foundation’s innovative approaches to community outreaching and outlines issues in serving local town residents and farmers in remote villages.            Dr. Geoffrey Z. Liu
                                                  Ms. Kate Connell The next speaker, Kate Connell, is a librarian and the curator of library exhibitions at City College of San Francisco. As a librarian and artist, she used the visual arts to make libraries more accessible to communities they served. She described the libraries collaborative exhibitions across classifications, collections and academic departments with students, local scholars, teachers, artists and organizations.
Nancy Fong, Library Services Manger for San Leandro Public Library in Northern California, discussed her extensive, first-hand experience collaborating with two districts of the public sector, San Leandro Public Library Foundation and Kaiser Permanente. The partnership with the local community helped to expand library services.                    Ms. Nancy Fong
This panel discussion was followed by a lively question and answer session, which allowed participants the opportunity to ask directed questions about the creation of community partnership and the collaboration between libraries and local communities.In summary, this program discussed strategies for successfully creating partnerships with local entrepreneurs and community. Creation and promotion of fruitful collaborations cross cultural partnership was reviewed. Exhibitions and programs were aimed to offer exhibitions which have an intimate connection with the members of community.