CALA-NCA Workshop at California Library Association Annual Conference, November 2010

CALA NCA 2010 Workshop Flyer

The Northern California Chapter of CALA organized and presented a one-hour program at the California Library Association (CLA)’s 2010 Annual

Conference, which was hold on November 13 (3:00-4:00pm), at the Sacramento Convention Center.  More than 20 California librarians (mostly CALA members) attended the program.

The theme of the program is about strategic methods or thinking for “cooperation, collaboration, and resource sharing” in a very challenging time for libraries. Three selected speakers presented at the colloquium.

Speaker Shi Deng

Shi Deng, Head of CJK Cataloging and Metadata Service, talked about how internal and external library cooperation and collaboration strengthened overall library service and managementefficiency in terms of staff, time and cost.

Speaker Crystal Goldman
Crystal Goldman, the Reference Librarian of San Jose State University, delivered hertalk on “Disseminating the Past, Opening the Future: the Path to an Open Access
Digital Repository”.  She introduced the efficient cooperation between faculty and librarians that lead to successful path to build up open access digital depository.
Speaker Richard Le
Richard Le, a Public Service and Instruction Librarian from San Francisco Public Library, stated the importance of “Community Partnerships in Program Development for Public Libraries during Difficulty Economic Times”.
Jianye He
President Jianye He facilitated further discussions after the presentations, which allowed participants the opportunitiy to ask directed questions.
(From Left to Right: Doris Tseng, Yiping Wang, Jianye He, Richard Le, Shi Deng, Crystal Goldman, Janet Lin, Bin Zhang, Xiaoli Li, Amy Ku)

After the program, CALA members gathered for a small group fellowship dinner with the speakers and local chapter’s officers, including the Vice President/President Elect Xiaoli Li (Cataloging and Metadata Services Librarian at UC Davis), Treasurer Janet Lin (Library Media Technicians at West Valley College),  two Program Coordinators, Amy Kuo (Asian Language Selector and Reference Librarian at Berkeley Public Library) and Yiping Wang (Reference Librarian Assistant at San Jose Public Library) and Membership officer and Webmaster, Bin Zhang (Digital Information Service Librarian of California State University, Sacramento).

Program Coordinator of CALA-NCA

Yiping Wang